William Sugg & Co. Ltd. are one of the only traditional lighting companies in the UK. We are experts in the manufacture, reproduction and refurbishment of traditional lights to suit all projects and all locations across the globe. Founded in 1837 by Mr William Sugg himself, we are proud to be the oldest and only surviving traditional gas lighting company in the UK. Our team of skilled artisans have given William Sugg and Co. Ltd. an international reputation of being a trusted expert in the heritage lighting field, covering both interior and exterior lighting projects.

Refurbishing traditional lighting

As a traditional lighting company, one of our expertise is breathing new life into old lighting. We combine traditional lighting designs with new technology to bring the past together with the present to bring a classic and classy feel to any space. We are always keeping up to date with new and ever-changing technology and embrace modern lighting technologies and electronics, including LED. This ensures that all our lighting designs provide an outstanding performance whilst keeping their classical style and appearance. Below are just some of the projects the William Sugg & Co. Ltd. team have worked on to bring traditional lighting back to life.

We have recently refurbished and upgraded the exterior lighting outside The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Our experts were asked to refurbish the lights and period torchieres based on the originals from Heaton Hall, an eighteenth century country house in Manchester. If you visit the Theatre Royal today (currently showing the Frozen production) the William Sugg refurbishments can be seen at the entry doors, and inside the theatre itself.

A traditional lighting company making old lighting safe & new

Another project focused on maintaining period lighting was for New Palace Yard. The original William Sugg lamps were mounted on iron pedestals, however during WWII they were removed and the iron pedestals were said to have been melted down to be used in the war for armaments and aircraft. The lamps were returned to New Palace Yard after the underground car park was built in the 1970’s and the original William Sugg globe lamps were mounted around the new road. The team refurbished the lamps and provided them with new solenoid operated, piloted, 6lt superheated gas burners which were connected to a standby electric generator so they would not be affected by a power cut.

Breathing life into 100 year old lighting

In Llandudno, an original William Sugg lamp has been in place for more than 100 years. This is just one of the areas in the country that have retained many antique lamps that have been updated with burners which were then eventually converted to electricity and LED. When the William Sugg team came across the lamp again, it was in a terrible condition due to being placed in such an exposed location. The team fitted the lamp with a substantial frame to help prevent the lamp from being blown away and badly damaged by poor weather conditions.

If you are looking to refurbish and update your traditional lighting, get in touch with the team at William Sugg & Co Ltd to discuss your options.