The Windsor is one of our most popular designs. It is manufactured and handcrafted in copper.


  • This traditional lantern is hand crafted in copper and retains the Victorian Heritage styling of the original while offering various standards of ingress protection to meet current luminaire design standards. With superior optical control, the Windsor lantern meets present day lighting standards across a wide range of applications and lamp combinations.
  • Available with both fish tail and mantles fully controllable or solar clocks
  • Size: Available in five sizes. ‘Garden’ – 9” (230mm), ‘Drive’ 12” (305mm), ‘Small’ 14” (356mm), ‘Medium’ – 16” (420mm), ‘Large’ – 18” (470mm). Please note all dimensions are approximate and subject to minor change.
  • IP54 or IP65 rated (size dependent.)
  • Glazing: Glass glazing.
  • Finish: Durable and long-lasting polyester powder paint finishes in a full range of RAL colours.