Mackenzie Column

A heavy duty column well suited for main thoroughfares. The design harks back to the late 1800’s and Mackenzie Moncurr of Edinburgh. Today, the column is still cast in the original foundry.


  • The Mackenzie is available in one height of approximately 7.00m
  • The Mackenzie is available in both cast Ductile Iron, the fabricated roots are manufactured from steel and fully welded and galvanised for a durable installation solution
  • The Mackenzie is flange-mounted
  • The Mackenzie is available with an optional bolt-on root section for ease of installation
  • The Mackenzie has a cast door and wooden backboard, for terminating incoming supplies, complete with a round flange base fixing with five clearance holes for fixing to a fabricated root
  • The image shown features a Mackenzie Column and a Mackenzie Lanterns.