Trafalgar Column

An original street lighting column design deriving from columns that were created using obsolete cannons to form the base. An early nod to recycling! The Trafalgar Column is a striking design that features on numerous central London roads, thoroughfares and public and private gardens.


  • The Trafalgar is available in one height of 3.07m
  • The Trafalgar is available in both cast Aluminium or Ductile Iron, but there may be a pattern modification to accommodate a change in material, the fabricated roots are manufactured from steel and fully welded and galvanised for a durable installation solution
  • The Trafalgar is flange-mounted
  • The Trafalgar is available with an optional bolt-on root section for ease of installation
  • The Trafalgar has a cast door and wooden backboard, for terminating incoming supplies, complete with a round flange base fixing with five clearance holes for fixing to a fabricated root
  • The Trafalgar is available with ladder bars as an additional option
  • The image shown features a Trafalgar Column and a Classic Globe Lantern. Other lanterns are available.