William Sugg & Co. Ltd. are delighted to offer a full antique lighting restoration and refurbishment service at our workshop in Horsham. We’ve been in business since 1837 and our skilled craftspeople combine years of heritage handcrafting with modern technologies to achieve the highest of standards in newly produced light fittings and restored ones alike.

Our craftsmen are experienced in the manufacture of copper and bronze fittings and ensure the refurbishment is carried out without compromise. Light castings, columns and overthrows are also replicated and refurbished.

Restoration and Refurbishment Services

Where required, we combine traditional and modern production techniques to create new patterns ensuring the finished products are sympathetic to the original fittings and no compromise is made. We are able to repair shot, bead and garnet blast light columns and castings and re-bronze to the original patina ensuring fittings are returned fit for another century of service. Antique lighting restoration and refurbishment techniques are not limited to, but include:

- Aesthetic repairs (finishing, oil guilding work, lacquering)

- Casting replacements & replacements

- Commissioning

- Conversions from gas to LED or from LED to gas

- Gas light repairs

- Functional and mechanism repairs

- Painting & refinishing

- Reglazing

- Sandblasting

- Specialist advise including safe removal and reinstallation

Historical Lighting Expertise

The UK particularly places great importance on conservation, restoration and regeneration of city centres and areas of historical importance.  As world leaders in heritage lighting, with experience since 1837, William Sugg & Co. Ltd. created a large number of the original fittings that are now considered historically significant.  Many of London’s iconic landmarks are brought to life by historical luminaires which remain an important part of their identity today.

Our specialist team of expert craftspeople is perfectly placed to carry out the highest standards of restorative works on a wide range of fittings and have delighted in refurbishing some of the world’s most important and recognisable luminaires, in the UK, and overseas.

McEwan Hall Edinburgh. Restoration.

McEwan Hall, Edinburgh.  Full restoration of huge heritage light fittings

Hong Kong heritage lighting restoration

Hong Kong. Restoration of Hong Kong’s famous Duddell Street gas lamps

Heritage lighting restoration

London. Restoration and refurbishment of ceiling suspended heritage lighting in London

Typical Lighting Restoration Projects

Restoration projects come in many forms and all require a unique and personal approach. Some examples of a typical lighting restoration project include...

- Churches, cathedrals and theatres

- Feature applications

- Columns and lampposts

- Gas light refurbishments

- 'Grand design' projects

- Government buildings

- Private developments

- Gas light repairs

Unique Lighting Projects

We understand that each heritage piece is unique and has its own personality and function.  That’s why our team treats each lighting restoration project with the attention and care it deserves.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.  Please note, any items left with us to undergo restoration or repair work must be fully insured.

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