William Sugg & Co. Ltd are renowned for our expertise in designing and manufacturing the highest quality Public Realm Lighting. We have been lighting up streets and thoroughfares in some of the world's most infamous locations for hundreds of years. We offer a variety of styles and materials using modern technology to create the best looking, best functioning and longest lasting Public Realm Lighting around. We've been making the popular Windsor lantern since 1897, so why not work with the original and best Public Realm Lighting team in the UK.

City Lighting

Lighting the streets with city lighting was the core focus of William Sugg & Co. Ltd. in the company’s early days. As the need for city lights became more evident as villages grew into towns and towns grew into cities, William Sugg’s first lantern was produced that then that lit up streets all over the country. The ‘Windsor Lamp’ was designed specifically for use with the gas mantle rather than an open flame and was first used in the Royal Borough of Windsor on Thames. Over 100 years later, the Windsor Lamp is now recognised as a classic design and reproduced all over the world to create a smart and recognisable style. The William Sugg & Co. Ltd. team supply heritage city lighting for any street using both our original historic designs, and modern designs and technology alike.

Our team of experts create bespoke heritage street lighting designs using modern technology to suit your city lighting vision. Our priority is to create exceptionally crafted street lighting without losing the original classic feel that makes some of the smartest streets in the world so recognisable. Modern twists on the classics and bespoke designs are also becoming increasingly popular; talk to our team to find out more.

Lighting For Buildings and Monuments

Outdoor public lighting is an essential part to any town or city. William Sugg & Co. Ltd. are specialists in lighting up historical buildings, statues and public walkways with outdoor public lighting to make sure the features are seen in all their glory! Our team have produced lighting for some of the world’s most famous monuments and landmarks.

Our outdoor public lighting story begins back in 1901 at Buckingham Palace. Amongst the hustle and bustle of tourists, you may notice the four-headed lamps placed on top of the pillars next to the large black and gold gate. These were the first outdoor public lights placed in London by William Sugg & Co. Ltd. and are still maintained by us today! You can see our outdoor lighting work across the world from Hong Kong, to Norway, the Middle East and the US.

We provide outdoor public lighting to historical buildings and outdoor spaces across the world and can create bespoke heritage lighting to suit any feature, historical or modern.

Seafront Lighting

One of the key features of designing and producing lighting to be placed near the sea is that the lights need to sustain their durability in order to retain their quality for a long time. At William Sugg & Co. Ltd., we are renowned for providing seafront lighting that is made with the highest quality materials to help preserve each light for as long as possible.

One of our favourite seafront lighting projects that we are proud to have worked on is producing lighting for Brighton seafront. Designed in the Victorian era, our Brighton Column design is still used to light up Brighton today.

Park Lighting

Want to restore your park’s lighting but concerned about losing its authenticity and historic feel? William Sugg & Co. Ltd. are able to produce bespoke park lighting designs that can be made to your exact requirements in order to keep the authentic feel of the space.

From heritage cast columns to our electric lanterns, the team are experts in handcrafting heritage park lighting in only the highest-quality materials to create your desired atmosphere.

Street Lighting

Street lighting is something that we all encounter, normally every day, but that is often taken for granted.  For many years our team have worked with Local Authorities, Councils, Contractors, Lighting Engineers and many other parties to design, manufacture and install safe, long lasting and quality street lighting solutions all over the UK and further beyond.

Street lights are primarily used to ensure safety for pedestrians and motorists as well as making streets and thoroughfares look ‘good’.  It is important that the quality of design and manufacture stands up to the highest of safety standards.  William Sugg & Co. Ltd. provide street lights, lanterns, street lamps, cast columns, column embellishments and all other services linked to getting the right street lighting solution for the location that looks right, and that will last.

Public Realm Lighting

We’ve been working in the lighting industry since 1837 so it’s fair to say our experience reaches far and wide and across the globe. We are the original and best quality lighting manufacturers and designers in the country.  We pride ourselves in delivering stunning, unique and quality heritage and modern lighting for the modern world. Want to see some examples of our historic lighting work? You can see more in our portfolio.

We pride ourselves in delivering stunning, unique and quality heritage and modern lighting for the modern world.

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