At William Sugg, we have been experts in heritage lighting since 1837, meaning many of the old street lights seen around our towns and cities today were made by our forefathers. The ever-increasing need for the conservation and restoration of towns, cities and parks means there is a rise in demand for restoring old, outdated street lighting without losing the vintage streetlamp style.

Our experts at William Sugg & Co are here to help restore old street lights and help you choose the right replacement for the desired atmosphere without losing the authenticity of the space.

Over the years, the team have undertaken several old lighting restoration projects including one in Hong Kong. After a typhoon hit the Duddell Street Steps, two to three of the vintage lights were struck by a tree and needed some expert care and attention to restore them back to their former glory. The lights were fully restored by the William Sugg UK team and then placed back them on the steps in fully working order!

Why restore old street lights?

Corrosion: Old street lamps placed in towns, cities and parks near the coast are more likely to corrode away quicker and will therefore need restoring more often. This is usually caused by the humid and saline environment affecting the structural safety of the column holding the lights up and/or affecting the metal work of the lighting itself.

Damage: many old style street lamps are broken or damaged by bad weather conditions (like the Hong Kong gas lights) causing them to no longer work properly or become a safety risk. They could also be damaged by a traffic accident causing them to be a danger to the road or pedestrians.

Safety issues: if a traditional street light no longer functions properly due to technical issues this needs restoring or replacing right away as it could pose a danger at night-time. Many rely on street lighting to light their paths when walking or driving and many also feel safer at night when they are nearby to street lights.

How to restore old street lighting:

We are experts in heritage lighting and we know how important it is to restore old street lighting to create the same vintage ‘look’. We help you choose the best replacement light that is as close of a match to the original light to help retain the same atmosphere. We also ensure the new replacements are made to the highest quality to be able to last in all weather conditions and be as durable as possible. All our lights create a historic vintage atmosphere with modern technology to ensure they last as long as possible.

Our favourite victorian street lamps:

Brighton Column: a Victorian style street light that lights up Brighton Seafront to this day.

Napier Column: A smaller, classic street light, good for lighting up pubs and car parks.

Leicester Square Column: A tradition cast column replicating the early 1900’s street light design

Old street lighting designs

If you’re looking for an expert to help you restore or replace any old street lighting or old street lamps, get in touch with our team today!