In addition to making exquisite heritage lanterns and bespoke lighting, William Sugg also has a wide variety of lighting columns that complement our lanterns perfectly.  Here we go through some top tips about how to find a lighting column supplier and have outlined some of our most popular columns.

What are lighting columns?

Lighting columns form an integral part of Britain’s streetscapes, gracefully illuminating public spaces and paths. These columns, made from sturdy materials such as steel and iron, stand up to British weather without flinching.

Today’s street lighting columns are normally connected to the same electrical network that feeds homes.  In places where there is no existing electricity infrastructure, the local council normally provide their own cables.

Did you know?

In the United Kingdom there are over 6 million lighting columns used to light up streets, pathways and public spaces. (

There are many different kinds of lighting columns, each one with its own unique appearance.  At William Sugg and Co. Ltd, we design lighting columns based on traditional designs from the past few centuries. The beautiful styling of these columns lends a touch of elegance to any space in which they’re installed.  Our decorative lighting columns pay homage to the craftsmanship of old. Rooted in traditional designs from centuries ago, our lighting transports you back through time—while infusing your space with a touch of history.

Heritage street light columns Hyde Park _ William Sugg & Co. Ltd

Tips for choosing a lighting column supplier

One way to find the best supplier for your lighting columns is by narrowing down your options. Here are some of our top tips that we hope will help you make an informed decision about which vendor is right for your project.

  1. Quality Materials
    In order to maximise the benefits of your lighting column investment, select suppliers who craft elegant designs using high-quality materials. Seek out those with a deep understanding of durability—so that even in harsh weather conditions your lighting will continue working as intended
  2. Design Details
    Beauty lies not only in the material but also in the intricate detailing of the design, especially when it comes to heritage columns.  When you’re seeking a heritage column design, make sure the supplier has real expertise in that area rather than simply replicating someone else’s work. The attention to detail is what matters most
  3. Service Quality
    A supplier dedicated to providing excellent customer service is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Seek out those who understand the importance of attentive care and personalised attention. Looking at relevant testimonials and previous work are a good place to start to find a supplier that you can trust. 

Considerations on choosing lighting columns

Before choosing a specific column design, or indeed supplier, it is important to consider certain factors. One commonly asked question is about the height of streetlights and what is appropriate for the space. Other considerations include factors such as…

  • Aesthetics: Choose columns that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment and complement the existing architecture.
  • Functionality and Performance: Think about the level of illumination required for the area; consider safety, energy efficiency, the surrounding areas (i.e. residents, businesses and wildlife), dimming capabilities and other factors that will be unique to your setting.
  • Materials: Prioritise columns crafted from noble metals such as steel, aluminium, or iron for durability and longevity.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Ensure that the chosen columns adhere to safety guidelines and meet the necessary codes and regulations.
  • Maintenance and Longevity: Invest in quality craftsmanship and readily available maintenance plans and spare parts to preserve the radiance of the street lighting columns.

All reputable street lighting suppliers will walk you through the whole process and ensure that the design you choose is appropriate for the location and any specific and unique requirements that the location may present. 

William Sugg & Co. Ltd Columns

A few of our favourite street lighting columns

Here are some of our favourite lighting columns to pair with our heritage lanterns.  Each of these have their very own historical significance and style… 

Barley Sugar Column

The Barley Sugar Column is a faithful reproduction of the original South Eastern and Chatham Railway column, now produced in a variety of sizes for internal decorative themes or as conservation street lighting. The intricate work in this column adds to its nostalgic appearance and makes it part of an age when style and attention to detail were so important.

Constitution Hill Column

This decorative cast column is a popular choice for use in ceremonial routes, particularly in London, and has also gained popularity in Japan and the Far East. It is an intricate and eye-catching design.

Southport Column

The Southport Column is a lighting column with a classical design. It is commonly used in gardens, restaurants, and car parks. This column is available in a range of heights to suit your setting and blends the classic look of wrought iron with the durability of cast aluminium.

If you would like to discuss your heritage lighting column options, get in touch with one of our lighting experts from William Sugg and Co. Ltd. today.