What is decorative street lighting and why is it used?

Street lighting can be a feature of our towns and cities that we as the general public do not usually notice. However, in fact, street lighting is an essential part of our everyday life. Street lighting is described as a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path and constitutes one of a series which are spaced at intervals along a public road or street to light the way for pedestrians and vehicles. Decorative street lighting is this type of lighting, but is used for aesthetic purposes as well as safety in order to enhance the look of a particular area. Some examples of how decorative street lighting can be used includes, to help uphold the history of a building or space, or to create a modern ambience in a public park.

Decorative street lighting solutions

There are several different decorative street lighting solutions you can introduce into towns and cities to help enhance the space. These solutions will all depend on the aesthetic you are looking to create. The main aspect to consider when choosing a decorative street lighting solution is to remember that although the street lights are there to look appealing, they must also be functional and efficient for everyday use.

One decorative street lighting solution is a contemporary street lighting solution. Contemporary style lighting can be described as having a smooth profile, designed with simple lines and curves. Relating this to street lighting, this type of street lighting design would be minimal with no textures or ornamentation. The style of contemporary street lighting is always changing based on the culture and trends at the time of installation. This type of lighting design usually consists of neutral grayscale tones with the occasional bright colour added. Some of the places you may see contemporary decorative street lighting is potentially in a newly renovated public area with a modern edge. This could include a brand new shopping street or upgraded public park which includes a modern and urban design.

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Another decorative street lighting solution which has become increasingly popular over the last few years is LED street lighting. Using LED lighting in towns and cities has a number of benefits. These benefits include reducing energy and maintenance costs as using LED lighting in street lamps is a lot more energy efficient as well as improving the sustainability of a city as using LED lights reduces CO2 emissions. Due to the increasing use of roads and paths at night-time, LED lighting also massively enhances the after dark experience as these lights can be made as bright as required and come in a variety of colours. Another great benefit of using LED lighting solutions for street lights is that this type of lighting can be installed into any decorative street lamp design and can be tailored to suit any setting or atmosphere you are looking to create.

A third decorative street lighting solution is to use heritage lighting. This type of solution for street lighting is usually used to retain the historic atmosphere of the specific area. For example this could include using Victorian style decorative street lamps in an area with a Victorian history. These types of heritage street lighting usually consist of lamps that contain highly decorative features and embellishments and can be made from a variety of materials. They also usually come in traditional colours including black, grey or traditional copper tones. One benefit of featuring decorative street lights in a historical setting is that it not only enhances the character of a place, but also could increase usage of the location for TV or film shoots creating a positive impact on visitor numbers.

Some of our favourites include:

Leicester Square Column

Mackenzie Column

William IV Column

William IV column

At William Sugg, we provide a wide variety of heritage decorative street lights to suit any setting. Whether you are looking for a Victorian style lamp or a heritage lamp for a coastal city, our team of lighting experts are on hand to help you choose the lamp to fit your desire.