William Sugg is able to provide a range of LED solutions for all circumstances, whether it be the application of the very latest technology to meet modern lighting standards, or the subtle use of LED lighting to enhance a distinctive landmark or place.  William Sugg’s LED light engines are suitable for all our current luminaires, and they can also be retrofitted to existing lanterns.  The combination of performance and energy efficiency, combined with years of experience within our field, make William Sugg & Co. Ltd’s LED solutions the default and best practice for heritage lighting.

Our LED Solutions

LED module

  • LED modules suitable for standard-compliant street lighting, paths and public areas in accordance with EN 13201.  The LEDs are sealed, with a protection rating of IP67.  Strong performance, with an efficacy up to 163 lm/W


  • Chip On Board LED solution, offering compact performance for enclosure in a luminaire, where space is limited, or where a single point source of light is required, similar to a horizontal discharge lamp and traditional optic.  The silicone lens provides a seal to IP65.  With an efficacy of up to 190 lm/W, the COB LEDs can provide a service life of over 100,000 hours

LED mantles

  • The LED mantle light engine provides symmetrical light, similar to that produced by a gas superheated burner and mantle arrangement.  Ideally suited to our heritage lanterns, or for retrofitting into existing gas lanterns.  The LED mantle comes in a number of configurations, from 1 to 6 mantles, offering various outputs


  • A vertical LED light engine, designed to replicate the output from a vertical discharge lamp.  With the appearance of a standard lamp and refractor, the LED LightBar is ideally suited to producing light in a vertical plane for public areas, particularly pedestrianised zones.

Datasheet downloads

LED technical information

Download the PDF datasheets below to find out more about LED drivers and general LED information and options.

Advantages & LED Solutions

  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions to suit all applications, including current street lighting standards
  • Standard colour temperatures of 2,700°K, 3,000°K & 4,000°K.  Other CCT, including warm amber, available by request
  • Compatible with a wide range of drivers, including CLO and DALI
  • Can be integrated as part of a CMS
  • Dimming and part night available as an option
  • Photometric files available on request
  • Charge codes available on request
  • Can be supplied as a replacement for discharge lamps
  • Provides a significant energy/ cost saving over discharge lamp technology
  • Ability to upgrade/ downgrade performance as required
  • Easy to install, maintain or retrofit to existing luminaires
  • Playing an important role in carbon reduction
  • Long service lifetime
Upright Rochester LED lantern
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