William Sugg and Co Ltd dates back to 1837.  As a company we have nearly 200 years of heritage lighting experience. We are known to be the oldest lighting company in the UK and are proud to be seen as a world leader and expert in heritage street lamps, home lighting and public domain lighting. Not only this, but we are also the only surviving traditional gas lighting company in the UK. Over the years, our team of lighting experts have produced thousands of lighting fixtures for a wide variety of lighting projects from homes and gardens to streetlights and parks.

Heritage lighting is still an extremely important feature of society today. Many councils and private enterprises are increasingly continuing to invest in heritage street lamp projects and restoration to help keep history alive in their community. Below are just some heritage lighting examples William Sugg and Co. Ltd. have produced and installed around the UK.

Heritage Lighting In London

We are very proud to be a part of London’s rich history with many of our lighting fixtures placed in and around some of London’s most famous landmarks. In 1901 we placed the four-headed lamps on Buckingham Palace’s black and gold gates; still maintaining them to this day. We also have globe lamps placed in New Palace Yard, a unique Triple Rochester layered column topped with three lamps in between No.10 Downing Street and Horse Guards Parade as well as lamps placed in the middle of Tower Bridge and several lamp posts surrounding the gardens of the Tower of London. Iconic tourist post in London where you will find some of our finest heritage light fixtures are Trafalgar Square and in and around Covent Garden and Westminster. We mounted three lamps in Trafalgar Square with the first being mounted in the late 1800s and the other two in more recent years.

London City Lighting Landscape







Lighting For Llandudno Seaside Resort, Wales

In the Welsh seaside resort of Llandudno, you will find several original William Sugg lamps which have been in place there for over 100 years. This is one area of the country that seems to have retained our original lamps, although the light sources have been updated with burners, and then converted to electricity and LED over time.

Llandudno lantern William Sugg

Lighting The Bomber Command Memorial

Another heritage lighting project the William Sugg and Co. Ltd. team have worked on is creating unique lanterns for the Piccadilly side of the Bomber Command as well as four traditional copper lanterns for the inside of Green Park. While the columns were cast in iron to keep the traditional feel, the light source was created from modern, energy efficient LED modules. We are proud to be the producers of the finished lights to help visitors pay their tributes to the 55,573 Bomber Command crew who lost their lives during WWII.








Street Lighting For Hinton St George

The Somerset village of Hinton St George tasked our team of lighting experts to refurbish and reinstall the street lighting without losing the traditional aesthetic of the picturesque village or dilute the starry countryside sky. The solution to this was to place our Camberwell lanterns with 70W high pressure sodium light sources to both keep with the traditional feel as well as ensuring the light did not pollute the night sky and met all current Dark Skies regulations.

Lighting Up Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

We were asked to both upgrade the exterior lighting of the theatre as well as create replica torchieres.  Another part of this prestigious project was building gas flambeaux for the champagne terrace. To complete this bespoke project, our team of lighting experts used 3D scanning technology and resin patterns to create the exact replicas of the originals as well as manufacturing complex fluted glass shades to create a triple lamp light source design to the client’s request. 






















This is by no means all of our work, the list goes on and on. Contact us today to find out more, and we love to see photographs of our original Sugg lanterns around the city.  Check out #SpottedBySugg on social media for more info.

If you are looking for lighting that uses modern technology while keeping history alive, speak to our team of lighting experts.