Looking for the best vintage outdoor lighting to create that classic look in your outdoor space? Our team of lighting experts at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. can help you to choose the correct lights to help you create that vintage look. Here are some of our tips to consider when choosing your vintage outdoor lighting:

Make the most of your home’s architectural features

If you’re looking for the best vintage outdoor lighting you need to ensure the lights you choose are decorative but also functional. Make the most of your home’s architectural features by highlighting specific areas of your garden or the materials of the building while also ensuring they are placed in a practical position to make the most out of the light. One of the best vintage outdoor lights to choose as a decorative feature piece as well as giving the best light is our Heritage Cast Column range.

Yellow or white lighting?

Another aspect to consider when choosing your lighting is the colour of the light as choosing the wrong colour can really impact the atmosphere you are hoping to achieve. If you are looking for a more relaxing atmosphere for the evening that gives a more authentic vintage look, using yellow tones in your vintage outdoor lighting is best. If it’s a brighter, sharper, more modern light you are looking for a white tone will work best. Or if you are looking for something a little more extravagant to create a medieval atmosphere, our flambeaux lighting range would be a great addition.

Our vintage outdoor lighting materials

When choosing the best vintage outdoor lighting for your home, the Great British weather is definitely something to consider when choosing the materials your lights are made from. Our outdoor lighting range is manufactured using a variety of high quality materials. The classics from our heritage lighting range are made and hand-crafted with copper or aluminium and our columns are manufactured with cast aluminium or ductile iron. These particular materials are used to ensure maximum durability and are best suited for the harsher outdoor environments. Not only should you consider the materials, but also where you are planning to place the lights. The more exposed to the weather your lighting is, the more likely your lights will become worn.

Our vintage outdoor lighting classics

Here are some of our favourite vintage outdoor lights from our heritage lighting range:

residential windsor street lantern

Grosvenor Lantern: Made from copper, the Grosvenor is a Victorian-style lantern with a highly decorative frieze making it a unique, vintage classic for your outdoor space.

Windsor Lantern: (image right) One of our most popular vintage outdoor lights, the Windsor is manufactured and handcrafted in copper and is available in five different sizes to suit your space.

Classic Globe: Our classic Globe lantern is manufactured in two die cast aluminium halves. The Globe can be applied in many ways to fit your desired aesthetic.

The team at William Sugg & Co are here to help you choose the best vintage outdoor lighting from our heritage lighting range to help you create your desired atmosphere.

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