The team at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. are proud to be part of several urban regeneration projects across the UK using our specialism in lighting & street furniture alongside our lighting design expertise.

Urban regeneration projects

Urban regeneration projects are programs that aim to revitalize urban spaces through land development used to help address urban decay in towns and cities. These types of projects attempt to reverse the sign of economic decline in a specific area by improving physical structures leading to the improvement of both the economy and social economy.

The main aim of urban regeneration projects is to reduce the disadvantages the poorest areas have and improve the issues of unemployment, crime, poor health and education. Urban regeneration projects usually involve developing large-scale buildings or areas including apartments, workplaces or retail spaces.

Why is lighting an important aspect in urban regeneration projects?

Light in a town or city is a very powerful tool that helps change the public’s perception on how we feel about a certain space. With many of our spaces not being suitable for public interaction after dark, including lighting within urban regeneration projects is vital. Nowadays, according to a report by ARUP in 2020, 50% of modern life takes place after dark, making the need for lighting even more essential in all towns and cities.

Including lighting in is extremely important for all aspects of society. It is not only an add-on for communities, but it is now a fundamental solution to help improve town revenues and the quality of urban life.

One way increasing the amount of lighting in an area during urban regeneration projects will benefit society is that it will help reduce levels of crime. Additional street lights are shown to reduce crime by 21% according to the 2020 report by ARUP and will also help give the public passing by an improved sense of security.

Another reason lighting is such an important aspect to think about in urban regeneration projects is to help increase the night-time economy further. Every year, the night-time economy grows by 2.2%, meaning more and more people are taking part in activities after dark. As well as this, 19% of the UK’s population work night shifts between the hours of 10pm and 6am. This makes it essential that the outdoor spaces they pass through or use during their activities are well lit, for both the safety and aesthetics of the public.

Not only should lighting be greatly considered for safety and outdoor activities, but also lighting is an important part of a town or city’s heritage and character. Placing lighting in places for people to come and admire and relax in to help create a sense of community in a particular area is just as important. These could be lighting features such as an art illumination or the way a statue or monument is lit.

At William Sugg & Co. Ltd. we offer a variety of lighting features and fixtures to consider when planning an urban spaces to help bring a sense of security and add a touch of tradition to your town or city.

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