Traditional wall lights are becoming an increasingly popular way to illuminate specific spaces and areas inside and outside of homes.  With so many different variations of lighting now available, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best type of lighting for your space.  Don’t worry though, we are here to help!  Here we discuss why you may need wall lights, the different types of wall lights, and how best to use them.

What are wall lights and why do you need them? 

As the name suggests, wall lights are lights that are installed on a wall to provide ambient illumination to a space. There are several types of wall lights to choose from and most wall lights are used for decorative purposes.  Saying this, many homes use wall lights as the primary light source to create a relaxed yet dramatic ambiance. 

There are many reasons why homeowners install traditional wall lights.  Here are a few examples…

  •  To create a feature:

Installing a wall light can create an architectural feature which stands out and looks pleasing to the eye, as well as providing much needed lighting during hours of darkness. Many people choose reproduction antique wall lights for this for a historic look.

  • For safety reasons:

Wall lights are excellent solution to light up a targeted area.  In a low lit area, wall lights can make the area much safer for people to walk through. 

  • To create a specific atmosphere:

There are lots of options for how to use wall lights from the design of the light itself, and also the light distribution.  These factors combined can create various atmospheres and make an area that was once bland, much more pleasing to the eye and inviting.

  •  To be functional.

As an example, wall lights can be used as a light source for reading, as an addition to the main light source in a bigger space (both indoors and outdoors).

  • For decoration.

Traditional wall lights can simply serve as a decorative feature enhancing a space that was previously lacking.

There are endless options when searching for the best wall light for your home, however it is beneficial to know the best type to use depending on your space.

William Sugg Wall Light

How to best use wall lights? 

Traditional wall lights are most commonly placed in corridors, staircases, bathrooms and bedrooms but can in fact be placed virtually anywhere, including outdoors. From uplights and downlights to backlamps and LED strips, it is important to know the best type of light for your space.

Wall mounted uplights can be a great addition to feature a piece of art or sculpture, or planting along a wall in a garden or courtyard. Downlights provide the opposite effect and are more suited to a more practical setting such as a light for reading, or an exterior doorway. If you are looking to illuminate a hallway, you could use several of the same wall lights at an equal distance apart to illuminate the entire space and create a dramatic, yet artistic effect.

Traditional wall lights












Not only do you need to consider the type of wall light for your space, you also should consider their height placement too. It is sometimes advisable not to place them so the light is at eye-level as this can produce unhelpful glare. 

If you are using several wall lights together it’s important that you’ve got the correct number of lights and that they are evenly spread out.  It is best to place them evenly along the surface so they look smart and uniform as well as providing optimal lighting coverage.  This will often be led by the light source and light distribution for the wall light you’ve opted for.

William Sugg backlamps












Our traditional wall lights 

At William Sugg and Co Ltd, we offer a variety of heritage lights which are perfect to mount to walls both inside your home and outdoors.  We have several design options to choose from to cater for a variety of spaces as well as creating bespoke pieces for customers who want to design something totally unique. From creating a feature in your garden to adding a historic atmosphere to your hallway or front door, we can design traditional wall lights specifically for your needs.

Our traditional wall lights and Backlamps, such as the stunning Windsor Backlamp are made from materials such as copper, stainless steel and cast aluminium and available in a range of size and finishes.  

The term “Backlamp” refers to a variety of wall-mounted fixtures, some of which resemble street lamps, while others are specifically designed to be directly mounted on the wall without any brackets. Wall mounted lights offer a more streamlined lighting solution for areas such as passageways and entrances. 

Our products are all handmade and handcrafted by our heritage lighting experts at our factory in Horsham.

Get in touch with one of our lighting experts today to find out more.