Traditional outdoor wall lights can really transform any space so it’s always important to choose the correct materials and colour to suit your space. If you’re looking for a new but traditional way to light up your outdoor space, the team at William Sugg & Co can help you create the garden you have always wanted!

At William Sugg & Co, our heritage lighting is made from materials including copper, stainless steel, cast aluminium and more. Here are some of our top tips for creating a beautiful outdoor space using some of our favourite traditional outdoor wall lights.

Outdoor wall lights for your exterior space

One great way to use traditional outdoor wall lights is to have a line of matching lights across one end of your garden. The best place for this would be across one of your building’s walls to show off all the details of your home’s exterior. Make sure they are matching to show off all parts of your home equally.

Wall lights for frame doorways and entrances

One good tip for using traditional outdoor wall lights in an effective way is framing any doorways or entrances. Make a statement of the door leading to the garden by putting a wall light just above it or two lights either side. Using boxed lanterns here would be best to contrast the entrance.

Use light as a spotlight for featured areas

Make a feature of your favourite area in your garden. This could be a cosy corner with a hammock or a seating area where you eat, drink and relax. Using an upright outdoor spotlight type of wall light will help to highlight and draw people’s attention to this area.

Light up your windows 

Placing an outdoor wall light next to any window is beneficial not only practically, but also looks great. Putting two matching lights either side of your window creates more light for your view of the garden and also gives you a sense of security as you are able to see directly out of your window.

Use the most traditional outdoor wall light for your front door

To create the ultimate traditional look for your outdoor space, start with the front door! Use the most traditional light to ‘set the scene’ and illuminate the entrance to your home. Usually a single larger light in a classic black will work best here to give that smart-vintage feel to your home.

Choose your colour carefully

The colour and finish of your lighting will make or break the traditional look of your outdoor space. All-black finishes can look classically smart, whereas a copper finish can help to create a more authentic feel. William Sugg’s heritage lights can be polished in a natural copper, remain unfinished or can be finished in a range of RAL colours to suit your style.

Traditional outdoor wall lights top picks:

Upright Rochester:Handcrafted in aluminium this lantern is a traditional heritage post-top light. This would be great for lighting up a doorway.

Southwark lantern:This is a traditional, Victorian-style eight-panelled lantern which would be perfect for lighting up your front door.

Stavanger lantern: This is a twist on the traditional railway lantern which would be perfect to use in a line to light up your full exterior space.

Traditional outdoor wall lights

If you are looking for help transforming your garden with our traditional outdoor wall lights then get in touch!