Choosing the right lighting for your home is one of the most important aspects to creating your desired atmosphere – a very personal decision for every home owner. When it comes to traditional lighting, you need to ensure you are putting it in the right place to add that extra character and charm to your home, while also making sure it doesn’t become too much or too little for the space. We will take you through some of our traditional lighting top picks for your home and garden and some tips to help you create the space you have always wanted.

Traditional lighting for inside

When looking at traditional lighting to light up your indoor space one important aspect to keep in mind is the size of your space. You want to use period lighting to complement the room rather than making it too light or too dark. Even if your home has more of a modern, contemporary feel with spotlights installed, adding a traditional ceiling light can help to add an antique or vintage focal point to your room and accentuate the things that make your home unique.

Keeping with the theme of focal points, use low level lighting to light up particular areas of the room such as the coffee or kitchen table. It is always best to make a point of the most social part of the room to draw your guests in, which is usually a table or sitting area!

Another great way to use traditional lighting to light inside your home is to use floor lamps. You can place these in any part of your house such as your hallways, bedrooms, sitting room or even your kitchen. They are great for giving a softer, more elegant tone to your home. 

If your home has lower ceilings, instead of hanging lights from above, use mounted traditional wall lights. This will not only give you more headroom but will also help make your room look more spacious.

At William Sugg & Co Ltd, we can create bespoke traditional lighting for your indoor space to your exact requirements to help create an antique feel to your home. For more information about our bespoke lighting designs and to get in touch, visit our website.

Traditional lighting for outside

When it comes to traditional lighting fixtures for outdoor spaces, it is not only the aesthetics you need to look for. It is also important to install lighting made from materials that can withstand all weather conditions. At William Sugg & Co Ltd, all our outdoor lighting is made from the highest quality materials that ensures to be long lasting and capable to withstand all weather conditions
Southwark Lantern
When deciding on your traditional outdoor lighting, make sure to think about giving a good first impression to anyone visiting your home. Beginning with the porch, placing one larger light or two of the same light either side of the door is the best idea to create that great first impression. Not only do porch lights look great, but they are also practical. Lighting up your whole porch will help you to see your way if you come home when it’s dark, as well as giving extra you that extra security. If you have a garage at the front of your house, placing the same lights here will also help to light up your driveway further, adding to both the aesthetics and practicality. At William Sugg & Co Ltd, we offer a wide range of traditional outdoor lights that are perfect for lighting up your entrance. Some of our favourites are the Southwark Lantern and the Princess Backlamp

If your outdoor space has an area that is covered, such as a covered patio, hang a couple of large hanging lanterns from the ceiling. Make sure the ceiling is high enough to place such lights so you leave enough headroom for you and your guests! Our team of experts can create a bespoke light to your exact requirements for your covered area. Most heritage lighting can be mounted in a variety of ways so there’s lots of room for creativity.

Place a classic lamp post as a grand entrance to your driveway or as a feature point in your garden. This type of lighting is usually best placed further away from the building to light up as much of your outdoor space as possible. Some of our favourite cast column lights that are perfect for entrances or garden focal points are the Cannonbury Column or the Holloway Column.

To add something different to your garden, try mounting the light to low walls or even other posts. This can be beneficial as the light can be placed lower down to the ground on low walls, rather than higher in the air if it were to be mounted on a tall column or wall.

If you’re looking to add a touch of tradition to any part of your home, or looking to create a traditional feel throughout your whole space, get in touch with our team of lighting experts today to talk through your own specific requirements.