We are so pleased to have added to our collection of street furniture bollards. We now have four different types of street bollards for you to choose from, to help keep that traditional feel in our towns and cities. 

Bollards became popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s as a part of Victorian Street furniture where they were originally used to protect pavements and buildings from carriages. Nowadays, they still have the same purpose, however they are made from stronger materials to sustain any impact from the vehicles we have on our roads today.

Our street furniture bollards

Roim Bollard

The Roim Bollard is extremely versatile and would work well in any environment. Whether you’re looking to place them in the city centre or as a decorative feature in a small park, the Roim Bollard is perfect for adding a touch of tradition to any area. Made from cast iron and finished in zinc and powder coating, they can come in any RAL colour of your choice. 

Place du Midi Bollard

If you’re looking for a bollard to bring both safety and style to a walkway the Place du Midi Bollard is the one to choose! Made from cast iron, this street furniture bollard is available in a range of different sizes and finishes. The Place du Midi Bollard can also come in any RAL colour of your choice. 

Place du Marche Bollard

The Place du Marche Bollard is a simple yet stylish bollard if you’re looking to bring a heritage feel to any pedestrianised area. With various sizes and applications available and a range of RAL colour finishes to choose from, they are made from cast iron to ensure they are long lasting. 

Marseille Bollard 

Available in a variety of stunning styles, the Marseille Bollard is extremely versatile and can be placed almost anywhere to highlight a pedestrian area. This particular street furniture bollard is made from zinc coated steel with an Aluminium top bowl and can be finished in any RAL colour.

At William Sugg & Co Ltd, all our products are manufactured to the highest standard with the highest quality materials. If you would like some more information about any of our heritage street furniture bollards then get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to talk through your options.