Retrofitting lighting is one way to improve lighting systems in your home, town or city. The definition of retrofit lighting is the process of upgrading existing lighting, usually by replacing the light bulb, to improve its efficiency and performance.

There are many different light source options to choose from when retrofitting your lighting, however the most common is to retrofit with an LED retrofit replacement in place of a traditional discharge lighting. Many people retrofit their lighting when their current lighting systems need replacing or refurbishing, as this is usually a cheaper alternative to swapping their current lighting out for brand new fittings and inputting a system in again from scratch. It is also an environmentally conscious decision to refurbish where possible, rather than replace altogether.

The benefits of retrofitting lighting

One of the main reasons retrofitting lighting is popular is due to the cost, but there are also huge environmental benefits too. Substantial amounts of time can be saved when comparing retrofitting with brand new solutions. Most retrofit lights consume between 25%-60% less energy than older lighting solutions, meaning not only will they be cheaper to run, but there are added benefits for the environment. Another benefit of retrofitting is that it can reduced maintenance times and cost. Due to the advancements in technology, the lifetime of a retrofit lighting system has increased dramatically in recent years. Depending on the specific detail of the retrofit, it can lead to a longer periods between standard maintenance schedules. A third benefit is that retrofitting can help dramatically improve how a light fitting looks, and the light it emits. Replacing lighting solutions with new technologies can improve and change colour temperature, reduced audible noise and make the fitting future proof for several years.

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Retrofitting lighting for outdoor spaces

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing new lighting technology or considering retrofitting an existing light fitting. The first is the energy efficiency of the light source and how much maintenance costs will be, which will depend on your specific needs and budget. Another aspect to consider is the compatibility with the existing brackets, columns or pedestals; be sure that the retrofit will cater for this. It is also worth considering whether the new retrofit lighting will keep the same atmosphere and be consistent with the current surroundings. If the retrofit is to simply improve the lighting for the future, it’s important to make sure the atmosphere and general look and feel won’t be negatively impacted by the retrofitting process.

Whether you are looking for retrofit lighting to retain, or improve, lighting for statues and monuments, car parks, residential settings, public parks or pedestrian spaces, the team at William Sugg and Co Ltd are happy to talk through all your options step by step. Get in touch with our team of lighting experts today, to find out more. We’d love to hear from you.

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