Reproduction Victorian lighting pairs the past with the present to help retain the traditional look of a period property. This lighting is manufactured using the exact Victorian lighting designs to ‘reproduce’ the same lights that were used during the Victorian era. The main difference with these lights is that they use modern technology that is safe and efficient, whilst keeping the antique look and creating the same heritage atmosphere. The Victorian era was the first period that introduced electricity and many of the lighting fixtures were large and included intricate design features. This makes reproduction Victorian lighting popular today, as many people want to show off the fabulous detail this antique lighting included, while making sure the light is suitable to the needs of their homes in the modern day.

An excellent reproduction piece can be said to include four components – design, construction, finish and ability and sensitivity of the maker. Concentrating carefully on these four components when manufacturing reproduction Victorian lighting is said to help achieve lighting that is the exact replica of the original piece the lighting design is based on.

Antique lighting vs reproduction lighting?

Those wanting to add a piece of heritage lighting to their homes either opt for an antique lighting feature or a piece of reproduction Victorian lighting. There are many benefits to placing a piece of antique lighting into your home such as the history behind the piece but many prefer to purchase reproduction victorian lighting instead, this is for several different reasons.

  1. The first advantage to purchasing Victorian reproduction lighting compared to a genuine antique piece is the use of brand new materials which ensures the piece will not include any wear and tear that an antique may have, making the reproduction piece look brand new. Reproduction lighting using these newer materials also makes the piece more durable and, in most cases, higher quality as they are still hand-crafted by a skilled creator.
  2. Another benefit of purchasing a piece of reproduction Victorian lighting is that they are a lot more affordable than buying an antique piece. With the reproduction piece being cheaper, this also reduces the value of the piece if the light gets damaged. Many worry about the reproduction piece not being unique to them, however even reproduction pieces can still be one-of-a-kind. This is due to them not being mass produced and instead handcrafted and you can even get reproduction lighting to specifically fit your room.  (Take a look at our Bespoke Lighting page to find out more about bespoke lighting design.)

William Sugg Victoria Back Lamp


Our reproduction Victorian lighting

At William Sugg and Co Ltd. we design and handcraft reproduction antique lighting to pair the past with the present to retain the Victorian heritage style of the original lanterns. Manufactured using materials such as copper and aluminum, all our reproduction Victorian lighting can be made unique to you in size and finish. All our designs can be illuminated using either gas or electric depending on your desired atmosphere. Some of our favourite reproduction Victorian lighting from our collection are:

  • Grosvenor Lantern: retaining the Victorian Heritage design, this lantern includes handcrafted detailing and can be well suited to fit with any decor to add that touch of history. With its highly decorative frieze, this unique lantern can also be placed outdoors and is suited to a range of urban and rural environments.
  • Victoria Back Lamp: this reproduction Victorian lantern is manufactured and handcrafted in copper for maximum durability. Add a Victorian feel to your home with the decorative frieze and chimney that can be illuminated by decorative open flames or high performance gas mantles.
  • Albert Lantern: originally used over 100 years ago to light the narrow passageways and porticos of Victorian London, this back lamp is the perfect reproduction Victorian light to give your home that historical feel. Manufactured in copper, this lantern can come in various sizes and finishes.

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