Want to get ‘the look’ in your home but do not know where to begin when looking at period lighting? At William Sugg, the team are experts in using historical designs with modern lighting technologies to reflect the certain era and style you are looking for.

Whether you have an old-fashioned home and are looking for period lighting to match its character, or want to create a homely and comfortable environment, we discuss the best ways to create ‘the look’ with our period lighting options.

Find a healthy balance

The key to creating ‘the look’ when looking for period lighting is to ensure you find the right balance. Make sure not to over-light the area as this can create an artificial feel to the room. To prevent this, it is best to use a mixture of both floor and table lighting and, if possible, include lights with dimmer switches to help create an even better atmosphere.

Feature your home decor

Another great way to create a vintage look is to use period lighting to create a point of interest to a particular piece of home decor or furniture. Pendants are one of the best options to use here to create both an extra layer of light and to make a point of a particular area in your room.

Retain the warm atmosphere

One of the key things to consider when choosing your period lighting for a cosy room such as a bedroom is to ensure to keep the warm atmosphere. The best way to retain this is to use low level lighting such as reading lamps rather than bright ceiling lights. Using a more yellow lighting tone rather than white also helps to create that cosy atmosphere.

Is your ceiling too low?

If you have ceilings that are too low to hang a large feature light, it is best to use wall lights. Rooms with lower ceilings tend to have a more gloomy atmosphere, so including traditional wall lights helps to open up the room more. Also, rooms with lower ceilings often have darker corners, so adding ceiling spotlights in these dark corners will help brighten up the room too!

Our top period lighting picks:

Now you know how to choose the right traditional lighting options to create ‘the look’ in your space, here are some of our top picks and best sellers:Victoria back lamp

Arc Lantern: Made from a combination of aluminium spinnings, the Arc is a traditional decorative pendant. This would be a great addition to your living room space if you’re looking to feature a particular piece of furniture such as your favourite armchair.

Victoria Back Lamp: (image right) If it’s a more Victorian style you are looking for, the Victoria Back Lamp is great to create ‘the look’ as well as a cosy atmosphere. The lamp is made from copper to ensure durability.

Bespoke design: As well as our full range of heritage lighting, the team at William Sugg can design lighting tailored to your particular setting.

Take a look at the full range of our period lighting range or bespoke lighting options to help you create your space.