Street lighting is important in many different ways. Its main purpose is to light up the streets for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists at night time and to make spaces easier to see and improve safety after dark. However, it also has other benefits including helping to prevent crime and disorder. When it comes to heritage street lighting, not only does it light up the streets but it also helps to create and retain an authentic atmosphere to keep history running through our towns and cities. 

History of street lighting:

The first streetlight was introduced over 100 years ago, and was one of the main roots of the original William Sugg & Co. Ltd business. Before streetlights, the only way of lighting the streets was by moonlight, burning wood or tarred material on beacons or by oil lamps. William Sugg’s first street lantern was named the ‘Early Lamps’ and was really only a development from the oil lamp. As time went on, villages turned into towns and towns turned into cities and the need for bigger and brighter lights became more apparent. This then came with the creation of the iconic ‘Windsor Lamp’ in 1897 and several other designs shortly after. These heritage designs are still used to this day, and an important feature of inner cities in the UK. Today, these heritage designs often incorporate modern LED technology and modern efficiencies.

Our heritage street lighting:

At William Sugg & Co. Ltd. we pair the present with the past when it comes to heritage street lighting. All of our streetlights use the latest modern technology combined with aesthetically authentic designs to maintain town’s specific history. Whether you want to light up a narrow alleyway with a smaller back lamp, or want to light up a whole street with a row of our cast columns, our experts can create bespoke lighting to suit the desired atmosphere and look.

Over the years, William Sugg & Co. Ltd. have produced a number of heritage streetlights for towns and cities across the country. One of our most famous projects is lighting up Brighton seafront. Based on a Victorian design, the 11 metre columns are made with durable materials to ensure they last as long as possible by the sea and the demanding conditions of salty environments. As well as this, William Sugg & Co. Ltd have also produced heritage street lighting for royal premises. Some of the original designs from William Sugg are placed around Windsor Castle with the only real difference being that they have now been converted to electric versions of the original gas lights.

It is so important to keep the history of street lighting in our towns and cities. That’s why at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. we offer a wide range of heritage street lighting to suit any era to keep our precious history alive.

Here are some of our favourite heritage street lighting designs:

Leicester Square Column
Windsor Back Lamp
George IV Lighting Column

Speak to one of our heritage lighting specialists today to find out more about the best street lighting options for you.