Gas lights were the first type of ‘controllable’ lights that were introduced across the world in the late 19th century after previously being restricted to candle and firelight. In more recent years, most of our lights are electric, but many gas lights are still in use today. We discuss what exactly gas lights are, why people still choose to use gas lights today and show you some of our selection of modern gas lights.

What are gas lights?

Gas lighting can be described as the production of artificial light from a combustion of a gaseous fuel such as hydrogen, methane or propane. This light can be produced by either directly lighting the flame by using mixes of different gas to increase or decrease the brightness of the light, or by lighting the gas mantle with the gas used as a heat source to generate light. Whether you choose to have an open flame gas lamp or a gas mantle lamp will depend on the specific atmosphere you would like to create. The open flame gas lamp can be used to create a more dramatic ambience due to the flickering of the flame, however they do not emit as bright of a light. The gas mantle lamps generate a more solid white light that creates a softer light and can be used to replace electric bulbs if desired.

Benefits of gas lights

Although electric light sources are the preferred way to light up homes, towns and cities due to their efficiency, gas lights are still beneficial in many ways. Using gas lights in your home is a great way to add ambience and style to your space. The natural gas lighting is an excellent way to highlight and enhance your natural landscaping, giving a more traditional yet stylish atmosphere. The light from a gas lamp creates a warm glow to the area helping to create a more relaxed feel to your space for you and your guests. Another benefit of installing gas lights is that the fuel supply of gas is always available and even works during electrical power outages, making gas lamps very reliable. Another added bonus is that gas lights don’t attract insects like electrical lights do.

Our selection of modern gas lights

At William Sugg and Co Ltd. we have a wide range of gas lamps to suit any atmosphere. Our selection of modern gas lights pair the past with the present with both their aesthetic and technology, making any of our gas solutions the perfect for any space. All of William Sugg and Co Ltd’s gas lamps are available with a range of open flame burners or high performance gas mantles depending on your desired use. From copper lanterns to aluminum globes, here are some of our top picks from our selection of modern gas lights.

If you are looking for a traditional Victorian lighting design, our Classic Globe is the perfect gas light for you. Available in three different sizes, the lantern is manufactured in cast aluminum and can be finished in a full range of RAL colours to suit your desired atmosphere.

For a more unique gas light, our Upright Rochester lamp is handcrafted in aluminum and features a highly decorative upright bracketry. Featured widely throughout Covent Garden and the Central District in Hong Kong, this gas light has clear glass glazing and can be finished in various forms by special request to make this light even more unique to you.

Another gas light from our selection is the Princess Back Lamp. This gas lamp features an intricate design, handcrafted from copper and retains the heritage styling of the Victorian era. This lamp displays a clear history with its design, but with ingress protection, the lamp meets the current luminaire standards. Finished in a range of RAL colours, or polished or unpolished copper, this gas lamp is the perfect pair of the past with the present.

Take a look at our full selection of modern gas lamps on our website and get in touch with our team of lighting experts to discuss your options.