Creating that traditional and authentic feel in any space can sometimes be a challenge, however you’re bound to create your desired old-fashioned look with our stunning gas light globes.

Pairing the past together with the present, our selection of gas globe lamps are made with only the highest quality materials. Here, we will take you through some of our favourite gas globes that we produce here at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. as well as some details about the invention and history of gas light globe lighting.

The Classic Gas Globe Light

First up is our Classic Globe. This traditional lantern is the original William Sugg designed classic lamp which was used to light up towns and cities during the Victorian era. The Classic Gas Globe is manufactured in two die cast aluminium halves with the finial and ogee set handcrafted in copper.

The design retains the Victorian heritage styling that is so easily recognised in our towns and cities, especially in London. Not only is this gas lamp a great piece for decoration, but it also meets industry luminaire design standards, with the advantages of easy maintenance and excellent energy efficiency.

With a choice of three different sizes and a range of open flame burners or high performance gas mantles, the Classic Globe is perfect if you’re looking to replicate the Victorian era.

Hyde Park Gas Globe Light

Hyde Park Globe - William Sugg

Our Hyde Park Globe is another of our best globe gas lights. This well-known design is (as you’d expect) used in and around Hyde Park in London and is a beautiful, classic globe design. Fitted with an extended ogee with a highly decorative cast crown, this gas lamp can be manufactured in either aluminium or bronze with an aluminium frame and spigot base, copper finial and ogee set.

Although this lamp is only available in one size, you are able to choose from several different glass finishings including clear, opal and etched. Available to be mounted on a wall, column or bracket, this is the perfect globe gas lamp if you’re looking to create a space with a prestigious feel.

Why did gas globes become popular?

With oil lamps becoming less effective in the late 18th century, there was a need for another more appropriate solution to lighting up the streets of towns and cities. The first commercial use of gas lamps was in 1792, when William Murdoch lit up his house by transporting gas through pipe installations.

A few years later, in 1798, Murdoch then used gas to light up the building he worked in, which was greeted with great astonishment by members of the public. In 1807, Pall Mall was the first street to be lit up using gas lighting and the pipes for this were laid by Thomas Sugg, the father of William Sugg himself. After this, streets all over the world were using gas lamps and lighting the way for the public.

The gas lamps were placed on tall posts which had to be lit every morning and evening and were used for street lighting up until the early 1900’s. Nowadays, they are still used in some cases to keep the historic feel to certain streets and more modern gas lamps are used for camping.

If you’re looking for gas globes to add an authentic feel to your space then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. to discuss your options.