Including a garden focal point can really make your outdoor space come alive. A garden focal point is an area designed to immediately draw attention to a specific space, it could be anything from a pond or a statue, to a seating area, or a plant. Lighting can also be used as a focal point itself or can be used in a way that accentuates a particular feature such as a statue to create a focal point. Below are some of our top garden focal point ideas using light.

Our top garden focal points

Light up a statue or monument

One of the easiest ways to create a focal point is to use a statue or monument. Place the statue or monument in a location that is easy to see in the garden, perhaps at the end of a pathway or in the middle of an open space. Once you have placed your statue or monument, you need to think about how to light this to help it become a feature after dark too. Think about how you place the lights to create ambience; you may want to create a dramatic effect utilising the shadows the lighting may make, or you may wish to ensure the whole statue or monument is lit brightly. If your statue or monument is placed at the end of a pathway, you could put spotlights along this path leading to the statue to draw extra attention to it.

Highlight your water feature as a garden focal point

Another way to use lighting to help create a garden focal point is to utilise a water feature. If you have a pond, it is a great idea to use this as a garden focal point as you can use lighting both at day and night to draw the eye. You could place lights around the pond to help draw attention to the focal point, or even placing lights in the water to create an impressive ambience and add an element of elegance to the garden.

Show off your favourite plants

Using plants is also another great way to make your garden look the best it can! Perhaps you have a large tree at the end of your garden, a favourite architectural flower, or even a giant cactus you want to show off? You can use different lighting styles to create different effects for your plants to help accentuate your garden’s unique focal point at night. You could use shadows to create a dramatic atmosphere or could even hang string lights in the trees or fences surrounding your plant.

Create ambience around a seating area

Another great way to create a garden focal point using light is to make a feature of an outdoor seating area. You could surround your seating area with lanterns or string lights for a soft, romantic feel or use one singular light on a cast column for a more dramatic effect at both day and night time. Spotlights and bollards are also a great option to consider. To make your seating area even more of a focal point in your garden, you could also light up the walkway leading to your seating area to draw your guests in further and accentuate planting.

How about adding some colour?

There are so many ways to use lighting to help create interest in your space. Once you have chosen the way you want to light your main feature (or features), why not try different coloured lights to make it quirky?

Our top lighting picks for garden focal points:

Pond Flambeaux for your water feature

Southport column to illuminate your seating area

Pembroke to light up your walkway

Windsor Backlamp – to light up either side of an entrance (in gas or electric), for example on a gateway within a wall

If you’d like some assistance in creating a garden focal point, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.