Copper lighting is a timeless addition to any home. Becoming increasingly popular for interior designers in recent years, copper is a great element to add a touch of history to your space. With copper being one of the oldest metals used by humans today, it is not only used for lighting but for all sorts of things from technology to kitchen materials. We will take you through the benefits of using copper lighting and some of the best ways to use it inside and outside your home.

Our copper lighting designs:

Guildhall Lantern

Guildhall lantern electric
Bowl Flambeau

Bowl Flambeau

Palace Back Lamp

Gas Palace Back Lamp

Benefits of using copper lighting

Using copper for your lighting has many different benefits. The first being that the material copper is widely recycled and is in fact one of the most environmentally friendly materials. This is great if you are looking to be more sustainable. Another great benefit of using copper lighting is its durability. Whether you are looking to it indoors or outdoors, it is rust and corrosion resistant making it suitable for all weathers and environments. You can also choose a wide range of colours and styles and the metal is highly malleable, allowing you to have endless choices.

Although copper lighting may be costly, one of the advantages of installing it into your home is that it is a great investment as it will last many years. Above all, the main benefit of installing copper lighting is that it can transform the look of your home. Whether you choose to install them inside or outside your home, copper lights will add a soft ambience to your space but also still have the capability of being the centrepiece of your room. Copper can also be matched with any colour and decor meaning you won’t need to carry out a full refurbishment of your space, you can simply add them in!

two copper lanterns

How to use copper lighting

The best thing about using copper lighting is that it can be installed anywhere and become the focal point of any space. Here are a few tips on how to use it in your home.

Place copper in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom to help warm the space up. These two rooms in particular usually include cold materials such as marble or concrete so adding a copper light feature hanging from the ceiling or fixed to the wall will be sure to warm the space up.

Set the copper light against a plain background if you can. This will help the copper light feature to stand out and be the first piece of decor you are drawn to as you enter the room.

If you are looking to add the wow factor to your space, place one single large copper light in your space. This could be in the centre of a dining table, or above a mirror, or over a cosy corner spot. If you want to include more than one copper light in your space then adding a trio of copper lights fixed on a large wall, or hung from the ceiling above your dining table will still make sure your copper lights are the centre of attention.

If you want to give a warm ambience to your home before you step through the front door then place your light outdoors. Some places you could feature this popular type of lighting is on the exterior of your home are hanging one large light from your porch, positioning a trio of copper lights above your garage door, or placing several down a pathway leading to a focal point in your garden.

Copper Windsor lantern












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