What is city lighting?

City lighting can be defined as any type of lighting that helps to illuminate our cities. From simple streetlights and illuminated bollards to more creative lights to draw attention to an architectural feature, city lights are an essential part of society and city life. When deciding on how to light up a city, there are many things to consider as every city is different. Cities across the world all have different lighting requirements depending on a variety of factors including the level of crime in the area and the population

The benefits of city lighting

With an increasing number of people now working at night as well as our towns and cities building more outdoor spaces, the need for good street lighting is becoming more important. There are many benefits of having properly specified and well-made city lighting. One benefit is that lighting up outdoor spaces at night helps to make the general public feel safe and promote a sense of security in outdoor spaces. If a street is well lit, there is likely to be less crime taking place, making the space feel safer for members of the public passing by. City lights are there for the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles to help highlight where the road ends and the path begins.

A second benefit of outdoor street lighting is it can help to promote activity continuing to take place when it gets dark. This is great for the night time economy and can allow the public to be able to socialise and take part in exercise at any time of the day. Another benefit of city lighting is that it can be used for aesthetic purposes to illuminate architectural features or create an artistic effect in a particular space or around a building. This can allow the general public to enjoy outdoor spaces at all hours of the day and encourage people to socialise with family and friends while enjoying the light spectacles.

Examples of city lighting

Outdoor lighting has a huge impact on people’s feelings when walking around a city at night. They need to feel safe and secure as well as enjoy the buildings and aesthetics around them. As well as this, with the current issues surrounding climate change, city lighting also needs to be as energy efficient as possible. With so many different options for city lights, below are some of our favourite lights to illuminate outdoor spaces.

Pembroke Electric Lantern: this classic 1930’s style pendant lantern is the perfect way to light up a pathway through a park. With different sizes to choose from, this lantern comes with energy efficient LED lights to put a modern twist on a traditional lighting style.

Mackenzie Column: whether you are looking to light up a promenade along the seafront or to simply illuminate a high-street, the Mackenzie Column can give a touch of tradition to any public space. With a design dating back to the 1800s, this column city light will help to bring both a sense of safety and beauty to any public space.

Hyde Park Globe: this city light is one of our best known designs and can be fitted with either LED energy-efficient lights or a more traditional gas light depending on your desired output. This design could be placed anywhere around a city, from a park or architectural feature to along the side of a road.

If you would like to discuss any of our city lighting options, then feel free to get in touch with our team of experts.