How to choose the best bespoke street lighting

There are many elements to choosing the best bespoke street lighting, which can vary depending on the needs of the project. Before you choose your bespoke street lighting you should first think about where it will be placed. For example, what type of road or path are you aiming to light up – is this a main road or a bicycle path? Another factor to think about is the type of area the lights will be surrounded by – will they be surrounded by a residential or commercial area? This will help you to choose the best lighting to give the best visibility, efficacy and luminance whilst also adhering to any restrictions or issues relating to light pollution and glare.

Another major factor to think about when choosing bespoke street lighting is the light source you will be using. Two of the biggest cost factors in street lighting are maintenance and energy consumption, so it’s very important to consider the light source you will use to be as cost efficient as possible. One of the most popular light sources to use in street lighting in recent years are LED lights. These types of lights are long-lasting, energy efficient, reliable and can offer any light colour requested.

What is street lighting and why is it important?

Street lighting is an essential part of modern life. With the night-time economy on the rise as well as an increasing number of people working night shifts, street lighting plays an important role for the safety of all communities.

Street lighting is described as a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path and is usually mounted on a lamp column on either side of a road. It provides many important benefits including promoting security in urban areas and also allowing for a better quality of life by artificially extending the hours which are light allowing for more activities after dark. Not only this but street lighting also improves safety for vehicles that drive at night, as well as pedestrians passing by on paths and pavements.

Our bespoke street lighting options

At William Sugg, we are able to provide a range of LED solutions for any bespoke street lighting project to help fuse together traditional lighting designs with up-to-date technology. Our LED light engines are not only suitable for all our current luminaires, but can also be retrofitted to existing lanterns to update your street lights to more modern technology while retaining their heritage look. William Sugg and Co Ltd’s many years of experience help to make our LED solutions the default and best practice for bespoke street lighting to help meet the lighting standards of this modern time. We can produce unique and aesthetically pleasing lighting options for all outdoor spaces, public or private. We understand the charm that traditional street lighting brings and maintain this in our modern yet heritage designs.

Some of our favourite bespoke street lighting options:

We are experts in manufacturing and choosing lighting for the public realm, including public streets, private estates and public parks. We also supply heritage street furniture to compliment our outdoor lighting designs for those who are involved in public space restoration. You can see our favourites below.

Barley Sugar Column

Trafalgar Column


Mackenzie Column


If you would like any assistance with your street lighting project, our experienced team will be happy to help, please contact us with your requirements.