William Sugg & Co Ltd, designed and manufactured a unique lantern to be placed in Bergen Harbour. Our team’s expertise in creating distinctive designs ensured a perfect fit for the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s historical significance.

The customer

William Sugg & Co Ltd is renowned for providing lighting solutions that serve a diverse range of clients worldwide.

William Sugg has a rich history producing bespoke lighting solutions for various settings, from  contemporary to historic sites and much more in between.  As a result of our experience we were contacted to help with this very special project.

TW Wilson, our client situated in the charming Bergen Harbour of Norway, needed a tailor-made lantern designed for a particular location that required meticulous attention to detail and strict precision.

The challenge

The challenge was to create a lighting solution that complements the historic and intricate design of the gate at Bergen Harbour while meeting specific size and design requirements. 

The William Sugg team was tasked with creating a newly manufactured, but historic Arc Lantern that replicates the traditional look of the carbon Arc Lantern, which was extensively used in the past to illuminate roads and associated service areas.

Bergen Harbour, an iconic cultural landmark that has been receiving visitors for over nine centuries, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of great importance to Norway.  It was here that our challenge began: to create a heritage light fitting that would honour the site’s historical significance and meet its unique requirements.

“The Bryggen Project” was established formally in 2000. This is an extensive and long-term project for monitoring, safeguarding and restoring Bryggen, including both archaeological deposits and standing buildings.”

Unesco World Heritage Convention

The solution/product

The team at William Sugg created a bespoke Arc Lantern that upheld the design integrity and authenticity that Bergen Harbour is globally famous for.  

The William Sugg team tailored the historic design to meet specific design and size requirements demanded by the setting, ensuring the newly manufactured Arc Lantern remained faithful to the original design. The Arc Lantern is a decorative pendant that recreates the traditional look of the carbon Arc Lantern of the past. 

A custom-built Arc Lantern was created and suspended over an historic gateway. The gateway had been recreated based on the original design after the original gates had perished. The lantern’s intricate design complemented the historic setting perfectly.

“I am incredibly proud of our team for their outstanding work on the bespoke lighting project for Bergen Harbour, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to create unique lighting solutions that would enhance the site’s historical significance and beauty. Our team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality ensured that the final product was not only functional but also works of art that complemented the site’s unique atmosphere. Thank you for entrusting us with such an important project.” 

Mark Jones, Managing Director of William Sugg.

The results

The Arc Lantern designed by William Sugg & Co Ltd is a beautiful feature for any passerby, enhancing the beauty of Bergen Harbour. The bespoke lighting solution upholds the design integrity and authenticity that the historic site is famous for. 

The Arc Lantern is a perfect addition to the historic gate, providing a unique lighting solution that adds to the site’s overall aesthetic appeal. The successful execution of the bespoke lighting solution project underscores William Sugg & Co Ltd’s ability to create lighting solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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