Lighting a space is one of the most important factors to consider when going through the architectural design process. Skill, knowledge and expertise is needed in order to create the correct light for any properties space, large or small. At William Sugg & Co. Ltd. we offer specialist architectural lighting knowledge to help transform any space.

Why should architects consult a specialist lighting company?

There are many reasons why architects should consult a specialist architectural lighting company. The main reason being that lighting is the foundation of all architectural buildings as lighting changes the perception of the space, the shape, the aesthetics of the materials and helps to accentuate all the key features. This means that a specialist lighting company should be consulted by the architect as the way lighting is used can make or break the final look and feel of the space.

Not only does lighting impact the overall look of a space but lighting also contributes to the wellbeing of its occupants. A specialist lighting company can help to advise architects on how to use lighting to create a specific mood in the space and utilise lighting in the best way for the occupants whether the space is being used for work purposes or to relax.

Another great reason why architects should consult with a specialist lighting company is that they can be given a variety of ideas that the architect may not have considered previously to help enhance the design and space further.

What to look for in an architectural lighting provider

Finding the right specialist lighting provider is key to help you create your dream space. There are several things you should look for in a lighting provider when designing your space. When you are considering different lighting designers, make sure they have a portfolio of previous work to look through that showcases their work. If you are impressed by what you see and it is similar to what you are looking for then great, if not, look elsewhere. Also look to see if the lighting design company focuses solely on lighting design as they are likely to have more knowledge and expertise if so.

Once you find a lighting designer you like the look of, ask for a consultation. Communication is key when discussing your lighting design options, so make sure the designer is asking you questions about your ideas and lifestyle to help them design the lighting to make the best use out of your space.

How architects help to design outdoor spaces to suit buildings new and old

Whether you want to use your outdoor space for security, landscape or leisure, the way you use lighting outdoors can transform your space and bring your area to life in the desired way. The role of architects when designing your outdoor space is to understand how the lighting can integrate with the buildings surrounding the space as well as incorporate this into the overall design. Using their expertise, they can play with the light and dark features to help create intriguing and inspiring spaces. They use lighting to identify key features of buildings both old and new as well as to draw particular attention to plants and trees.

If you are looking for an architectural lighting design specialist to help you transform an indoor or outdoor space, get in touch with the team at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. today.