Around the house, outside, in the street, in commercial areas, every day you see LED lighting applications and probably don’t even notice. They have become a part of our every day life, including ours at William Sugg & Co. Heritage lighting and LED applications have come to live hand in hand as a part of our every day design and manufacturing of modern lighting. Before we can dive into the daily application of LED, it’s important to understand what it is and how it works to better identify them.

What is LED?

The application of LED lights is seen almost every day for many different functions in society. LED stands for a light-emitting diode and is a semiconductor light source that emits light when a current flows through it. Light emitting means to give off light whereas a diode has a more scientific description. Diodes emit photons which are particles of electromagnetic energy, however only a certain type of diode emit that electromagnetic energy as light rather than heat. An example of this is a light emitting diode (LED), as this is a type of solid-state lighting technology that emits light from a solid matter.

There are two types of basic LED lights that are most commonly used – an indicator and an illuminator. An indicator is mainly used in car indicator lights or electronic devices such as mobile phones as they are cheaper LED’s and require lower power. Illuminator LED’s are a much higher power light which are mainly used for illuminating rooms in your home or office and can be found in a variety of different colours and sizes for any application.

Application of LED lighting

There are lots of ways LED lighting can be applied and most of us will use LED lighting in one way or another in our day to day life. Below are just some examples of the application of LED lighting.

LED Street and road lighting

One of the most common and main applications of LED lighting is illuminating our streets and roads. In more recent years, LED lights have become more common in street and road lighting due to LED lights being more economical and also providing a brighter light source. This benefits its use for illuminating streets and roads as providing better and brighter lighting means that traffic and pedestrians will be a lot safer when walking, cycling or driving.

LED Billboard lighting

Another common way LED lighting is applied is to use them as lighting for billboards. The main reason that LED lights are used for this application is due to their energy efficiency, meaning they are a lot cheaper to illuminate.

LED Landscape lighting

LED lighting is also a common feature of garden and landscape lighting. This is due to LED lights being able to withstand different weather conditions, as things such as snow and water do not really affect LED bulbs. This makes LED lighting perfect for using in your garden for practical or decorative purposes.

Application of LED for office and home

More and more people are turning from using halogen or incandescent bulbs in their home or office to using LEDs. This is due to LED’s being more energy efficient making it cheaper to illuminate their home or office. Not only this, but the application of LED lighting allows you to have more versatility in the colour, style and shape of light to influence the atmosphere you may want to create.

At William Sugg and Co Ltd, we can provide a range of LED solutions for any circumstance. We can fuse together modern LED technologies with our heritage designs to help keep up with today’s modern lighting standards whilst maintaining a vintage look.

If you would like to discuss any LED lighting options, get in touch with our team of experts today.