Lighting up the front of your house is just as important as lighting the rooms indoors. Outdoor lighting should have the aim of directing your visitors to your front door, highlighting particular outdoor and architectural features as well as providing security at nighttime. Having the correct lighting to illuminate your space can help to give visitors a great first impression and we have many different outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house for you to choose from.

Make your front door a focal point

Many homeowners do not think about how they light up their front door. Your front door should be inviting and draw your visitors into your home, so making this the focal point of the front of your house is pretty important. Some ways you could light your front door could be to have one larger lantern hanging over the centre of your door. This will help immediately draw attention to your front door and using a warm light will help to create an inviting feel. Another idea is to have two symmetrical lights either side of the door to help direct the visitor’s eyes to the entrance. This is also a great way to light a wider doorway.

Windsor - mounted above door

Light up your pathway

If you have a walkway or pathway leading to your front door, the way you can make your home feel the most inviting is to light this path. This is one of our favourite outdoor lighting ideas for front of the house. There are so many different options for lighting your pathway to give both safety and great aesthetics for your visitors. One option could be to use low level lanterns on low posts placed along your path, or for a more modern look, spotlights placed in the ground is another option. Lighting your path should provide a ‘roadmap’ to your front door, so make sure you highlight any other hazards such as a garden pond along the way.

Utilise your garden trees and plants

To create some drama for the front of your house, place lights on the bases of your plants. Use plants that have an interesting structure such as agave plants that can easily be transformed into an architectural feature. Also, use trees to place lights facing down to showcase a flowerbed or any other interesting architectural features below. Another outdoor lighting idea for front of your house along this theme includes placing lights in the trees also helps to create light and dark texture to your outdoor space when the light shines through the leaves.

Urban Garden Lighting


Light up your exterior garage

Illuminating your garage can not only help accentuate your home’s architectural features but it can also add an element of security to your home. You could keep with the traditional feel of your garden by placing large Victorian style lanterns either side or you could place more modern flood lights around the garage for extra security.

Outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house:

Pembroke: These would be great as low level lanterns for your pathway

Stavanger: Place two of these either side of your front door to invite visitors in

Classic Globe: Use this classic lantern as a focal point for your front door

If you need any assistance or further ideas of how we could brighten up your home, please contact our team.