What are illuminated bollards and what are they used for?

Road bollards are short and sturdy vertical posts that are typically between 1 and 2 metres tall and are usually placed between 10 and 12 metres apart. They are traditionally used to mark the way for members of the public or to provide structure to a particular area. You can also add a lighting element into the bollard to make it illuminated. Illuminated bollards are used to provide low-level lighting to paths, walkways, entrances or special features and are ideal for creating a sense of security and safety to private and public spaces.

History of illuminated bollards

Bollards were first used along the roadside in the eighteenth century to direct and control traffic as well as protecting pedestrians on the pavements along the roadside. However, as transportation changed from horses to vehicles it appeared that the original bollards made from timber were not suitable and were replaced with bollards made from cast iron, making them a lot stronger to withstand impact from motorised vehicles. As technology evolved, illuminated bollards were introduced in the 1930s and 1940s when there was a need for better road visibility at night, especially in places where there was no street lighting.

Nowadays, there are numerous types of illuminated bollards which are used for a variety of different purposes. They are used for traffic purposes which are made from reflective materials and often used for decorative purposes to light up public landscapes, pathways and special features.

Illuminated bollards for public spaces

At William Sugg and Co Ltd we produce illuminated bollards to enhance any public space to add both an element of security and decoration. All our illuminated bollards are designed to be robust and vandal resistant as well as offering a decorative lighting feature to enhance any public space at nighttime. Our illuminated bollards are designed around a steel 168mm/5mm diameter tube and includes a door and wooden backboard. They also incorporate a 8mm polycarbonate glazing tube with a full refractor secured to the top of the bollard and we offer a range of discharge lamps to choose from. If you’re looking for something more traditional, we also offer bollards in a heavy cast aluminium with an access door for easy gear maintenance.

Whether you are looking to light up a public pathway, make a feature of a piece of street art or create ambience over a landscape, get in touch with the team at William Sugg & Co Ltd to discuss your options.