There are thousands of talented and creative lighting designers based across the globe, with many of these here in the UK. Here we celebrate British lighting and it’s designers: from heritage lighting to more modern contemporary lighting.

Hyde Park in Autumn lanterns

Why is traditional British lighting still just as popular as modern lighting design?

There are innumerable reasons why British heritage lighting still has its place in society today.  It is clear when walking around our cities and towns that traditional British lighting design is as loved as modern lighting design. Heritage lighting can fit into almost any setting creating an eye catching feature with lasting detail and style.  This is not limited to public parks and streets; heritage lighting can be cherished in homes and buildings of several types.

Most British lighting designs are based on historic places or have a connection with a specific moment in history.  Heritage lighting (even if it is manufactured today), can transport you back to the era in which the design was originally made.  For instance think about the Windsor lantern and this will take you back to the Victorian era.  Or the Westminster lantern, which is seen in and around Westminster in central London and emanates the feel of this area.  This design invites you to imagine the gentle flickering of gas lanterns during Victorian London.

Many of these lighting designs are inspired by the Edwardian and Victorian eras, with their extravagant, yet elegant detailing. Not only are heritage lights still popular due to their design, heritage lighting is also extremely easy to install and maintain, with many now being installed using modern technology.

London heritage lampposts and Big Ben

British lighting design quality

Britain is often considered as a global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality products and lighting design is no exception!  Lighting design can enhance rooms, houses, towns and cities and when the lights themselves are made in Britain, to high a standard, they can last for generations.  British companies have, and continue to have, an excellent reputation for producing top quality products.

According to The Manufacturer…

“Over 77% of those questioned in a recent survey said that if they knew a product was made in Britain, they would believe it to be of good quality.”

Data suggests that consumers and businesses are increasingly looking to purchase more products from British manufacturers.  Why?  Because they are becoming more concerned with sustainability and about knowing where their products have come from.

Techniques and materials

Some of the most popular high quality materials used to produce heritage lighting in Britain are traditional copper, cast iron and aluminium.  These materials can be easily shaped, decorated and finished.  The result of working with these materials, which have been used for generations, is the creation of durable, long lasting, high quality lighting products.

One of the privileges of being a British company with heritage is the ability to use traditional handcrafting techniques, today, that replicate those of our forefathers.  As a result we are able to replicate the exact look and feel of lighting that was designed and manufactured several centuries ago.

There are, however, several excellent, and more modern, materials such as steel, chrome, and brass that can be incorporated into the manufacturing process.  Some of these materials provide enhanced versatility, can be more eco-friendly and, in some cases, offer cost efficiencies.

LED lighting design

One of the latest technology trends from British lighting designers is using modern, energy efficient light sources in various types of lighting including heritage lighting designs and modern lighting alike.  One of the biggest developments in lighting technology in recent years is LED lighting. Some of the benefits of LED lighting are cost and energy efficiencies compared with older lighting technologies such as incandescent and discharge bulbs. LED lighting also provides an array of options when it comes to colour temperature and brightness of lights which previous lighting technologies could not offer.  As a result, the options to personalise designs are endless.

London lighting

Our place as a British lighting design company

At William Sugg and Co. Ltd, we are proud to be the original British heritage lighting company. Having been founded nearly 200 years ago, we have worked on a huge variety of projects across the UK and have produced heritage lighting of the highest quality and value for a range of buildings, public spaces, towns and cities. Our highly skilled British lighting designers expertly manufacture all of our lighting here in the UK.  We take pride in our history and combine traditional techniques with new technologies, using only the highest quality materials to pair the past with the present.

Whether you are looking for heritage lighting for a historic building or you are looking to add a touch of history to your town or city, get in touch with our team of lighting experts to discuss your options.