William Sugg & Co. Ltd. has a long, and established history in designing and producing residential lighting for some of the world’s most prestigious homes. Being the only surviving traditional gas lighting manufacturer in the UK, we are considered a world leader in heritage lighting and are experts in providing only the best residential lighting. Whether you are looking to emphasise the authentic, historic atmosphere of your home or looking to add the heritage feel to a driveway or focal point, our experts can create bespoke residential lighting designs to suit your style and exact requirements. Our high quality products and exceptional service are applied to every piece of residential lighting, no matter how large or small, simple or complex.

Residential lighting for private housing

Create a classic atmosphere in your home with our range of heritage lighting designs. From copper gas lanterns to hanging aluminium electric pendants, the team at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. can create bespoke lighting for private housing to suit your desired atmosphere; historical, classic, or something with a modern twist.

Our designs are perfect for if you want to feature a specific area in a room or want to create a cosy, authentic lounge area. The designs are also great if you are looking to add a touch of history to your current modern lighting design to finish off your room or entrance way.

The team at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. can not only create bespoke lighting for your home, but can also give you some great advice on the best design to fit your desired look and feel.  After all, the way you use lighting in your home can really transform your space for better or for worse! If you are looking for inspiration, see our guide on lighting for your outdoor space.

Residential lighting for private estates

From lighting up driveways to brightening up your garden, our lighting for private estates can create a wide range of classic, classy and authentic atmospheres and aesthetics and light up interior and exterior features. For private estates wanting to add character, our period lighting options are a popular choice. Whether you’re looking for several large heritage columns to light up a long driveway, or a classic looking lantern to give a historic look to your porch, the team at William Sugg & Co. Ltd. can create bespoke designs to suit all.

Each light fitting is handcrafted with the highest quality materials that are suitable to last in the toughest of outdoor environments and whatever the weather. We are also able to provide marine grade finishes for salty environments commonly experienced at seaside properties.

Transform the grounds of your private estate or home with any of our designs and create the authentic and classic look you have always wanted.

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